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NEW - Nekoda Kentucky Mountain Saddle Mare

NEW - Nekoda Kentucky Mountain Saddle Mare


Meet Nekoda our Kentucky Mountain Saddle Mare


Inspired by her friend, Karen Maggard’s, Spotted Mountain Saddle Horse, Nekoda,

Kathleen created this sculpture in the essence of the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse.

The saddle horse has lived in the hills and valleys of many parts of Kentucky for over 200 years. Originally bred by the mountain people for the demanding needs of farm life, the horse which had been secluded for many years became noticed and domesticated in the late 1980’s. Over recent years these horses have become a highly sought after “pleasure horse” in all of Kentucky as well as around the world, for their easy going temperament, intelligence, versatility, willingness, and most notably, a extremely smooth, natural, 4-beat gait.

This versatile sculpture has the potential to be a real winner in your show string. Just imagine the possibilities of this model as she can be custom painted as a Spotted Mountain, a Kentucky Mountain, or a Rocky Mountain.


These highly detailed Micro Minis are the spitting image of their larger scale counter parts. They are Laser 3D printed and UV cured. Printer POC marks are mostly removed and minor cleaning is completed. Further cleaning, sanding and prepping will be needed before painting. 

To add a little twist to this production, some orders will be filled with a randomly printed mirror image of the original. Will you be the lucky recipient of one of these?

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